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    Custom Wavefront LASIK – Designed For Your Eyes Only

    San Antonio LASIK Candidates Have More Choices.

    San Antonio, TX

    You can now lower your worry of losing your quality of vision at night following LASIK surgery. Quality of vision was a main concern in the development of the Allegretto Wave. In the FDA clinical trails with more than 1000 patients, the incident of glare and night driving glare all improved after LASIK.

    The Allegretto Wave is the next generation of guided laser vision correction and is the fastest laser system for vision correction in the United States. Treatment takes about 10 seconds on average, meaning less anxiety, more comfortable procedures and improved outcomes. It is the latest system to receive FDA approval and is unique in that it was built from the ground up for custom laser vision correction, in pursuit of vision beyond 20/20.

    The laser powering the Allegretto Wave is the newest excimer laser technology to be approved by the FDA. A small spot scanning laser with a unique customizing technology is built right into the system. By utilizing the “K” readings, or curvature of your cornea, a customized treatment is performed for each patient based on these measurements and the prescription. No other laser can maintain the natural “prolate” or round shape of your cornea. This is especially important for the reduction of spherical aberrations.

    The first worldwide wavefront-guided treatment was performed in 1999 on a Wavelight laser. The new Allegretto Wave laser system is built by the pioneers at Wavelight and actually integrated wavefront principles right into the laser system. With that, every treatment is customized to your corneal curvature with the goal to preserve your natural corneal shape. This is important in maintaining good vision especially at night.

    The Allegretto Wave also features a unique safety technology because when going at high speed you want to make sure everything works right. Perfect Pulse Technology accurately controls every laser pulse and ensures that it is placed in the desired location. It features an ultra fast, eye tracking system and small spot beam.

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